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Mutant Sounds reborn - The Italian posts of Mutant Sounds vol. 2 (Akron/Anatrofobia/Andrea Centazzo)

Akron - La signora del buio (1999). Very dark organ driven heavy progressive from Italy in the vein of Jacula, Metamorfosi, Pholas Dactilus, Antonius Rex, Il Segno Del Comando. Pressed in very limited quantity of 400 copies accompanied by booklet. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Anatrofobia - Le cose non parlano (2001). Great new Italian band, playing a complex RIO styled improvisational rock reminding much of Univers Zero, Doctor Nerve and Curlew along with the much newer Zu. Excellent dark atmospheres, chaotic use of electronics and saxes sometimes touching the edges of industrial. This is their second release and long deleted.

Andrea Centazzo - Ictus (1974). "Italy's top orchestral percussionist, Andrea Centazzo has composed and performed lyric operas, orchestral symphonies, and percussion solos. Since 1983, Centazzo's attention has been focused on multimedia productions incorporating traditional and electronic instruments and video tape. Centazzo has been praised for his ability to "synthesize Oriental percussive vibration with timbal understanding of contemporary music and the soul of jazz and rock". Centazzo first attracted attention as a sideman for such avant-garde artists as John Zorn, Steve Lacy, and Don Cherry. The possessor of a doctorate in musicology, he has taught seminars and workshops in Europe and the United States. A prolific writer, Centazzo has composed more than 350 pieces and has authored eight books on musicology".  Craig Harris, All Music Guide
A real masterpiece ... dreamy improvised music with eastern influences and much use of electronics!
Thanks Michael for the scans!

Andrea Centazzo Trio - Ratsorock (1977). Following my previous post of Andrea Centazzo's LP on PDU, here's one more rare recording on Centazzo's Ictus label, from 1977. Excellent free form Jazz improvisations !

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