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Mutant Sounds reborn - The Italian posts of Mutant Sounds vol. 3 (Andrea Tich/Ataraxia/Boneschi Electronic Combo)

Andrea Tich - Masturbati (1978). Here's a great Cramps records release from 1977. I couldn't get much info about Andrea Tich as most of those found were in Italian language (and it's not my strong point for sure).The record is a weird Zappa-esque twisted rock and ballads with much progressive blend and experimental hints, well hidden behind compositions. I guess Italian people and those speaking Italian language will enjoy it more as they will understand the lyrics which are satyrical referring to gay life (that's all I could understand, from descriptions, with my poor italian).
Overall a very essential LP.

Ataraxia - Prophetia (1990). Ataraxia is an Italian trio which occupies the fine-art end of the neo-gothic spectrum and produces a rich tapestry of music and song incorporating folk, mediaeval, renaissance, baroque, and classical elements.
Formed in 1985, it consists of Francesca Nicoli (vocals, lyrics, flutes, drum machine), Vittorio Vandelli, (classical, acoustic, electric and synth guitars; drum-machine; lyrics) and Giovanni Pagliari (keyboards, synth, piano, pipe-organ, lyrics).
The group's performance is characterised by the prominence of Francesca's strong voice which is blended with both modern and traditional instruments. Her accent has a distinctively strong 'r', which is of course a feature of Italian but also strangely suggestive of English rural accents. In some songs her voice rises into little screams in punk fashion: in others she hits the high notes with a Kate Bush-style warble.
They have produced a number of tapes and CDs and a vinyl, and have featured on numerous compilations including My Castle's "Onore Alle Arti". Francesca also provided vocals for three of the tracks on Camerata Mediolanense's "Musica Reservata".
This is the very first release of this exceptional, much Dead Can Dance inspired band. Listen to the dark medieval soundscapes blended with Francesca Nicoli's wonderful voice.
Note this tape has been ripped as side a and b ... non separated tracks. So here's the tracklisting:

- Visionary side -

Anno Domini MDLVI
In Articulo Mortis
May, 16th 1980
Hommage Funèbre

- Chimerical side -

Nocturnal Euthanasia
Teuflische Mosaikarbeit

Boneschi Electronic Combo - Sounds electronic (1973). Great LP of library electronic music that sometimes is funny and naive but in some parts very weird reminding Residents era recordings. No infos found of who is behind this project but rumours want it to be Nino Nardini. A song from here was chosen by Luke Vibert and was included in his Nuggets series.

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