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Genesis P-Orridge (& Thee Early Worm) Early worm (recordings 1968)/Coum Transmissions The sound of Porridge bubbling (recordings 1971)/

Fondati da Andrew Megson, alias Genesis P-Orridge, i Coum Transmissions sono il primo tassello di una esperienza artistica, sociale, prima che teatrale e musicale, da Ultimi giorni dell'umanità. Diversioni sessuali, lazzi antireligiosi, disprezzo antiborghese, provocazioni, (auto)umiliazioni d'ogni residuo umanistico furono il presagio di uno sfacelo inevitabile e, ormai, attuale.
Nei solchi di queste prove si ritrovano tutti gli elementi dell'industrial futuro e quelli della successiva produzione Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV.
Includo anche una serie di rare registrazioni di Megson ancor più risalenti (1968!).

Atti teatrali

Thee Fabulous Mutations, St Peters, Anlaby, Hull, UK (1969)
Clockwork Hot Spoiled Acid Test, Hull University Union, UK (1969)
99 United Sacks, Alberts Jazz Club, Hull, UK (1970)
Broken Equipment, Hull University, UK (1970)
Disintegration of Fact, Granny's Parlour, Hull, UK (1971)
Riot Control, Gondola Club, Hull, UK (1971)
Absolute Elsewhere, Streets of Hull, UK (1971)
Fairyland Powder Puffs, Brickhouse, Hull, UK (1971)
Caves of Montalbaan, Hull Arts Centre, UK (1971)
Skin Complaints, Streets of Hull, UK (1971)
Edna & The Great Surfers, St.Georges Hall Bradford, UK (1971)
Coum Orgee Number 1, Alien Brain, Hull, UK (1971)
Exorcism of Shit, Afro Club, Bradford, UK (1971)
I'm a Robot, Alien Brain, Hull, UK (1971)
Christ Whitemas, Streets of Hull, UK (1971)
Infra Red Bucket, Hull Arts centre, UK (1972)
This Machine Kills Music, New Grange Club, Hull, UK (1972)
Kissing, Alien Brain, Hull, UK (1972)
Copyright Breeches, Università di Kent, UK (1972)
Prison Sell, COUM sulle strade di Hull per RAP (Prisoners Rights Group) (1972)
Dead Pedestrians, Canterbury Streets, UK (1972)
Miss Teen Princess. Streets of Hull, UK (1972)
Festival of Night, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, UK (1972)
Anal Coumfidence, Streets of London, UK (1972)
Bullnecks, Holy Trinity Church, Hull, UK (1972)
Wagon Train, Hull Streets/ Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, UK (1972)
Coum to the Rescue. Streets of Hull, UK (1972)
Thee Alien Brain & Mass Panic, Hull Arts Centre, UK (1972)
Spartacus Defused, Bradford Arts Festival, UK (1972)
Melissa Pouts, Streets of Hull, UK (1972)
Welcoum Home Tim, Alien Brain, Hull, UK (1972)
Drakularse Tower, Beverley West Wood, UK (1972)
Thee Business, Streets of Hull, UK (1972)
Yorkshire Artists’ Collection, Fanfare for Europe, Hull Arts Centre. Spettacolo di gruppo (2 gennaio 1973)
Ministry of Antisocial Insecurity, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, UK (6 gennaio 1973)
Winston Spencer Churchill, (part of Fanfare for Europe) Hull Arts Centre, UK (1973)
Glass with Care, Streets of Hull, UK (1973)
Colliche Pastage, De Lantaren, Rotterdam, Paesi Bassi (9 gennaio 1973)
Baby of Europe, Lijnbaan, Rotterdam, Paesi Bassi (10 gennaio 1973)
Copy Dementarla, Open Theatre Festival, Louvain, Belgio (1973)
Babys Coumpetition, O.S.A.C. Oxford University UK (1973)
Infantile Launchpad, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, UK (2 febbraio 1973)
Ministry & Colliche, Swansea University Festival. UK (19 febbraio 1973)
Thee Biggles Saga, Bretton Hall College, Wakefield, UK (aprile 1973)
The Revolutionary Spirit, COUM con i Kipper Kids all'università di Lovanio, Belgio.(1973)
Thee Marriage of Fizzy Paet, Manchester Art Festival. UK (17 maggio 1973)
Decoumpositions, FLUXshoe, Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham UK (14 giugno 1973)
Landscape Painting & Actions, Università di Reading, UK (1973)
Stick Em Up, Università del Surrey, UK (1973)
Kingston-coum-Hull, Hull Arts Centre, UK (1973)
Landscape Painting, Bull Ring Birmingham, UK (1973)
Weight and Smell, S.P.A.C.E. Party, Londra. UK (1973)
Terribull Twin Actions, FLUXshoe, Blackburn Museum, UK (19 luglio 1973)
Landscape Painting & Actions, FLUXshoe, Victor Musgrave Gallery, Hastings, UK (21 agosto 1973)
Wundatrek Tours, Touring Sussex, UK (1973)
Framed, Portabello Rd, Londra, UK (1973)
Cosey Fanni Tutti's Blue Mover, Art Exchange, Reading University, UK(1973)
Happy Daze Number 1, Alien Brain. S.P.A.C.E. Londra (1973)
Thee Lump E Found on the Pavement, London University Union, UK (1973)
Parties Overt, Oval House Theatre, London, UK (1973)
Flag Show, Midland Group Galleries, Nottingham. Spettacolo di gruppo (1973)
Bullneck Revived, Northallerton Prison, UK (1973)
Everything is Nothing, El Festival, Stepney, Londra, UK (1973)
Marcel Duchamps Next Work, Stedelijk Academy, Gent, Belgio (1974)
Marcel Duchamps Next Work, Palais Des Beaux Arts, Bruxelles, Belgio (1974)
Spaghetti Junction, Thee Glass Menagerie, Londra, UK (1974)
Miners Catastrophe, Roundhouse, Londra, UK (1974)
Couming of Age, Oval House, Londra, UK (1974)
Alien Porno Rock, HOWFF Club, Londra, UK (1974)
Prostitution, Curious Magazine Action, Londra, UK (1974)
Lesbian Simulation Magazine Action, Finsbury Park, Londra, UK (1974)
Cosey Action Nude Spread, Alpha Magazine Action, Londra. UK (1974)
Cosey Sexual Action, Premier Camera Club, Londra, UK (1974)
Shaving Pubic Hair Action, Health & Efficiency Magazine Action (1974)
Cosey Shaving Pussy Action, QUI Magazine Action, Londra. UK (1974)
Dead Babies, Wet Babies, Hat Fair, Londra. UK (1974)
Orange & Blue, Art Meeting Place, Londra, UK (1974)
Gainsboroughs Blue Movie Boy, Art Meeting Place, Londra. UK (1974)
4 Hours Music Action, Art Meeting Place, Londra. UK (1974)
Signals, Art Meeting Place, Londra, UK (1974)
Orange & Blue, Mansoni Gardens, Birmingham, UK (1974)
Music Action, Film-makers Co-op, Londra, UK (1974)
Airborne Spells, Landborn Smells, Brook Green, Londra. UK (1974)
Rasputin’' Covent Garden Hat fair, Londra, UK (1974)
Schlimn, Stadtfest, Rottweil, Germania (1974)
All that Glitters is not Kunst, Stadtfest, Rottweil, Germania (1974)
Music for Stocking Top, Swing and Staircase, Gulbenkian Hall, Royal College of Art, Londra
Opportunity Knocks, International Art Centre, Newington Butts, Londra. Tutti, Orridge, Tom Puckey (1974)
Birth of Liquid Desires, Goldsmiths College, Londra, UK (1974)
Happy Daze Number 2, Alien Brain, S.P.A.C.E., Londra (1974)
Time Transfixed, Academy of Art, Liverpool, UK.(1974)
Filth, Art Meeting Place, Londra. Parte di una festa organizzata da COUM (1974)
Coum Music, Oval House, Londra, UK (1974)
Universal Man, Victoria & Albert Museum, Londra (1974)
Marcel Duchamps Next Work, Battersea Town Hall, Londra. UK (1974)
Ommissions, New Reform Gallery, Aalst, Belgio (1975)
Ommissions, K.K. Centrum, Antwerp, Belgio (1975)
Jusqu'a la Balle Crystal, Stedelijk Academy, Gent, Belgio (1975)
Couming of Youth, Melkweg, Amsterdam, Paesi Bassi (1975)
Ommissions, Europa-Tage, Gross Gerau, Germania (1975)
A Discourse on thee Demise of British Performance Art Today, Oval House, Londra, UK (1975)
Bollocks In Thee Breeze, Art Meeting Place, Londra (1975)
Filing Clerk Routine Magazine Action, Islington, Londra, UK (1975)
Coumdensation Mucus, Royal College of Art, Londra, UK (1975)
Cosey Lesbian Action in Ca, Epping Forest, Epping, UK (1975)
Ommissions, Kulturamt, Kiel, Germania (1975)
Jusqu'a la Balle Crystal Actions, 9th Biennale, Parigi, FRANCIA (1975)
Sex Une Bonne Idée, Nuffield Gallery, Southampton, UK (1975)
Whip it Out, Wrap It Up...., Hat Fair, Winchester, UK (1975)
Crowley Action, Alien Brain, S.P.A.C.E, Londra, UK (1975)
Cosey Lesbian Action, New Direction Magazine Action, Londra, UK (1975)
Pussy Galore, Magazine Action, Londra, UK (1975)
Pleasure, Magazine Action, Bagshot, UK (1975)
Happy Daze Number 3, Alien Brain, S.P.A.C.E., Londra. UK (1975)


Stocking top and swing (16mm, colore). 1974
Omissions (16mm, colore). 1975
Cease to exist no1 (16mm b&n). 1975
Coumdensation mucus (16mm, colore). 1975
Rectum as inner space (16mm, colore). 1976
After cease to exist (16mm, b&n). 1977

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  1. Dear Vlad.

    I really like your wide/broad taste in music. Glad with a lot of it: but especially the NWW list. Searching for certain titles for a lot of years. You post some of the hard to get!

    Thanks. Appreciate it.
    Jan from the Netherlands

    1. Thank you. Two NWW volumes ready for Christmas.