domenica 21 ottobre 2012

Fools, villains and guitar heroes vol. 4 - Hard and heavy rocks 1972 1^ parte/2^ parte/3^ parte

Captain Beyond

A Década (Brasile) - Fuga
A Foot in Coldwater (Canada) - In heat
After Shave (Svizzera) - Ride ride ride
Agnes Strange (Gran Bretagna) - Book with no cover
Alice Cooper (USA) - School’s out
Amish (Canada) - I don’t nobody
Bang (USA) - Keep on
Beatnicks (Portogallo) - Money
Buffalo (Australia/Nuova Zelanda) - Suzie Sunshine
Bungie (USA) - Numbers
Cactus (USA) - Swim
Captain Beyond (USA/Gran Bretagna) - Frozen over
Castle Farm (Gran Bretagna) - Hot road queen
Charlee (Canada) - Wheel of fortune turning
Charmer (USA) - Cindee
Cross Talking (Olanda) - Cargo
Curtis Knight Zeus (USA/Gran Bretagna) - Silver queen
Dark (Gran Bretagna) - Could have sworn
Doctor Downtrip (Belgio) - Walking in the desert
Drama (Olanda) - Hard to believe
Dust (USA) - Learning to die
Elf [with Ronnie James Dio] (USA) - Aqualung
Epsilon (Germania) - Move on
Finchley Boys (USA) - Outcast
Freedom of Rapsodia (Indonesia) - Freedom
Freedom’s Children (Sudafrica) - Sea horse
Galaxis (Germania) - Someone needs your love/True experience
Goliath (USA) - Dead drunk screamin’
Goodthunder (USA) - For a breath
Grand Theft (USA) - Log rhyms
Groundshaker (USA) - World that's tight
Grupa Stress (Polonia) - Ciezka droga
Hard Stuff (Gran Bretagna) - Monster in paradise
Harvey Mandel (USA) - The divining road
Hawkwind (Gran Bretagna) - Time we left this world today
Heat Exchange (Canada) - Philosophy
Heavy Cruiser (Canada) - Wonder wheel
Highway Robbery (USA) - Fifteen
Ian Gillan (Gran Bretagna) - You make me feel so good
Jericho (Gran Bretagna/Israele) - Ethiopia
Jerusalem (Gran Bretagna) - When the wolf sits down
Jim & Bertrand (Canada) - Comme chartrand
Jokers (Iran) - Jokers [full album]
Jukin’ Bone (USA) - Candy man
Jun Kamikubo (Giappone) - Getting into the ecstasy
Kleptomania (Belgio) - Moonchild
Landslide (USA) - Happy
Law (USA) - Ain't been here in a long time
Livin’ Blues (Olanda) - Bamboozle song
Long Time Comin’ (Canada) - Part of the season
Mack Sigis Porter (Ghana) - Sunday in neon lights
MC5 (USA) - Black to comm’
Morley Grey (USA) - Peace officer
New Lords (Olanda) - Power
Night Sun (Germania) - Crazy woman
November (Svezia) - Starka tillsammans
Offenbach (Canada) - High … but low
Old Man and the Sea (Danimarca) - Monk song part 2
Orange Wedge (USA) - Love me
Osmonds (USA) - Hold her tight
Pappo’s Blues (Argentina) - Adónde está la libertad [live]
Paternoster (Austria) - Realization
Petards (Germania) - Free
Plattermen (EIRE) - Cat’s eye
Poobah (USA) - Bowleen
Pussy (Gran Bretagna) - Pig mansion
Road [with Noel Redding] (Gran Bretagna) - Road
Ruja (URSS-Estonia) - Tütarlaps kloaagis
Scorpions (Germania) - Lonesome crow
Screaming Lord Sutch (Gran Bretagna) - Gotta keep-a-rockin’
Silverhead (USA) - Ace supreme
Sky Saxon & New Seeds (Gran Bretagna) - You took me by surprise
Socrates Drank the Conium (Grecia) - See see rider
Spot (Svizzera) - I know
Swampgas (USA) - Patato strut
Thunderfoot (USA) - Hasufel
Thundermug (Canada) - Jane ‘J’ James
Ticket (Nuova Zelanda) - Awake
Tiger B. Smith (Germania) - Everything I need
Toad (Svizzera) - Vampires
Träd Gräs och Stenar (Svezia) - I ljuset av din dag
Ursa Major (USA) - Stage door queen 
Variations (Francia) - I was down

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  1. My system tells me that part 3 is 'unsafe to download'. Does anyone else have this problem? :( I hope maybe it can be fixed. ????

  2. Today, the problem is fixed! Happy Happy... and rocking out. Back to 1972, I remember it well. Thanks so much Vlad! Keep on doing your thing... it's much appreciated.