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Robertrocksampler vol. 1 - Early Robert Wyatt and the birth of Canterbury sound 1^ parte/2^ parte

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Canterburied Sounds (Early Canterbury sounds)

Volume 1 (recordings 1962-1968)

Robert Wyatt on Mummie (1962-1963); Da-Da-Dee/Bolivar blues (1963); Orientasian (1967-1968); You really got me (1964); Thinking of you (1964); Man in a deaf corner (1962-1963); Stop me & play one (1963-1964); Belsize corner (1963-1964)

Volume 2 (recordings 1963-1970)

Robert Wyatt on Instant pussy; Esther’s nose job (1969); Moorish; Summertime; Drum solo (1969); Love song with cello

Daevid Allen Trio (Daevid Allen - Hugh Hopper - Robert Wyatt)

Live 1963

Love is a careless sea
My head is a night club
Capacity travel
Mind of the jazzman
Dear olde Benny Green is a-turning in his grave
Ya sunne wot
Frederique la poisson avec frite sur le dos

Wilde Flowers (recordings 1964-1966)

Those words they say
Don't try to change me
Parchman farm
Almost grown
She's gone
Slow walkin' talking
He's bad for you
It's what I feel (a certain kind)
Never leave me
Time after time
Just where I want
No game when you lose
Why do you care (Zobe)
The Pieman cometh (Zobe)
Summer spirit (Zobe)
She loves to hurt
The big show

Soft Machine

Jet-propelled photographs (recordings April 1967)

That's how much I need you know
Save yourself
I should've known
Jet-propelled photographs
When I don't want you
You don't remember
She's gone
I'd rather be with you

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  1. Wonderful! Thankyou. Mr Wyatt is a real folk hero. Beautiful music, beautiful man.

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