sabato 18 agosto 2012

Francesco Vincenzo Zappa - Frank Zappa in Italia vol. 4/4, tour 1988 (8 bootlegs)

- Palasport, Padova, 01.06.1988 1^ parte

- Palasport, Padova, 01.06.1988 2^ parte

Frank Zappa (voce, chitarra) 
Ike Willis (voce, chitarra)
Mike Keneally (voce, chitarra, tastiere)
Bobby Martin (voce, tastiere)
Ed Mann (percussioni)
Walt Fowler (tromba)
Bruce Fowler (trombone)
Paul Carman (sassofono contralto)
Albert Wing (sassofono tenore)
Kurt McGettrick (sassofono baritono)
Scott Thunes (basso)
Chad Wackerman (batteria)

8 commenti:

  1. Wonderful! Thankyou!

    But the link for the 2nd part of Modena, 5-6-88, isn't working for me. Maybe it needs a fix?

    Thanks again! ... for this, and everything.

  2. Thank you for the rare material !
    Could you replace the roma '88 link, because :
    PalaEUR, Roma, 07.06.1988 = = 310cbis = Padova 01.06.1988 2^ parte ?
    When I clic to you links, it sometimes goes to my blog, what's the... ?!?
    The 1982 palero tape is probably mine (lots of tears gaz and in-and-outs from inside the palasport).
    I followed the italian tour, impressed by the 3 paris shows (I lived there).
    Italian shows were the better ones from 1982, I think.
    Like in usa for the last dates of many tours (1974, 1981...) . I don't think it is a question of country.

    1. You must wait till September. Links down? Thanks to DMCA: they love to destroy bootlegs.

  3. Yes the 7-6-88 Roma show link goes to 1-6-88 pt 2. The '310c bis' download is duplicated.

    I can't get the link for 5-6-88 part 2 either. Please help.

    Thankyou for this wonderful music!

  4. Thank you for your answer.
    It is great, if you could re-up both links in september.
    Didn't knew that the DMCA went so far.

  5. Thanks from me too, if you can re-up. Very much appreciate your work!

  6. Thank you for the roma 88 reup !!!
    The link for 5-6-88 part 2 goes to "Your current account (e_mail adress) does not have access to view this page" and I don't think that if I change my account it will starts well.
    Thank you anyway, so many rare items !

  7. Palasport, Modena, 05.06.1988 2^ parte is working now ! Great ! Thank you very much, Vlad Tepes ! Vampires stole your links but it came to life again...