lunedì 15 settembre 2014

Astral daze - Psychedelic South African rock 1968-1972

Otis Waygood
Suck - The whip
The Invaders - Astral III
Omega Limited - The boy and the bee
Otis Waygood - Straight ahead
Abstract Truth - My back feels light/What can you say
Dickie Loader (with Freedom's Children) - The eagle has landed
Flames - You keep me hanging on
Buzzard - Blurry visions
Third Eye - Fire
Hawk - Predictions
Freedom's Children - Kafkasque
Bryan Miller's Destruction - Blue machines and dreams
John & Philipa Cooper - The mad professor
Fireflies - Cathy come home
Tidal Wave - Morning light
Bats - Race with the devil
Idiots - Magic dragon
McCully Workshop - Birds flying high

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