sabato 14 dicembre 2013

Early British punk from A to Z vol. 13 (Machines/Magazine/Maniacs/Martin & The Brownshirts/Mekons/Members/Menace/Métal Urbain)


Machines (Southend) - True life (7’’; 1977). Nick Paul, voce, chitarra; Duf, basso; John Dee (Dearlove), batteria.

Magazine (Manchester) - Real life (1978)/Shot by both sides (7’’; 1978). Howard Devoto, voce; John McGeoch, chitarra; Dave Formula, tastiere; Barry Adamson, basso; John Doyle, batteria.

Maniacs (Cambridge) - Chelsea 77 (7’’; 1977)/Live at the Vortex (excerpt; 1977). Alan Lee Shaw, voce, chitarra; Robert Crash, basso; Rod Latter, batteria.

Martin & The Brownshirts (Chester) - Taxi driver (7’’; 1978). Norman Graveney, voce; Paul Urmston, chitarra; Addy Adams, basso; Willie Williams, batteria.

Meat (Londra). Introvabili. Mick Wayland, voce; Mick English, chitarra; Brian Early, basso; Brett (Buddy) Ascott, batteria.

Matt Vinyl & The Decorators (Edimburgo). Introvabili. Mathew Black (Matt Vinyl), voce; Dave Christie, chitarra; Joe Telford, basso; ?, batteria.

Mekons (Leeds) - Never been in a riot (7’’; 1978)/Where were you (7’’; 1978)/The quality of mercy is not strnen (1979). Andy Mekon, voce; Mark Mekon, voce; Tom Mekon, chitarra; Kevin Mekon, chitarra; Mary Mekon, basso; Jon Mekon, batteria.

Members (Camberlay) - Solitary confinement (7’’; 1978’)/At The Chelsea nightclub (1979). Nicky Tesco, voce; JC Caroll, chitarra; Nigel Bennett, chitarra; Chris Payne, basso; Adrian Lillywhite, batteria.

Métal Urbain (Parigi) - Anarcky in Paris! (2003, recordings 1977-1979). Claude Panik, voce; Hermann Schwartz, chitarra; Nancy Luger, chitarra; Eric Debris, tastiere, batteria.

Menace (Londra) - Screwed up (2004; recordings 1977-1979). Morgan Webster, voce; Steve Tannett, chitarra; Charlie Casey, basso; Noel Martin, batteria.

3 commenti:

  1. I was the machines co/manager 1977/78 and produced their 4 track e.p. from which this track is taken....shame the e,p, was mastered so badly! we did have all the tracks remastered as intended!...nice to see it up here! dave Tulloch.

    1. God save The Machines,
      Long live our noble Machines.

  2. ottimo lavoro....grande come sempre,
    adoro i menace, la loro screwed up è grandiosa..