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Mutant Sounds reborn - The Italian posts of Mutant Sounds vol. 12 (La Pattona/Laxative Souls/Leibstandarte SS MB)

La Pattona - Reclame (1981). Hyperactive and jaunty as hell, La Pattona's zany post punk stylistic pastiche merit a few winces along with the grins that ensue, though their appropriations of cheeseball musical motifs seem cut with an evident layer of ironic intent unfortunately unavailable to the non-Italian speaking among us. Nevertheless, as kooky shit goes, this is a definite winner, their madcap new wave-isms bearing a certain similarity to their countrymen in Confusional Quartet.

Laxative Souls - Twist and decease (1982). Laxative Souls (also known as LXSS, only due to the front cover of the first two releases on cassette) is one of the first industrial power-electronics projects appeared at the beginning of 1980, in Italy second to M.B. only. He mainly worked with raw electronics, distorted vocals, concrete sounds, self assembled electronic circuits, and sample sources, such as news broadcasts, documentaries and recordings. 2 LPs and a certain amount of cassette tapes were released via his personal label Multiple Configuration, each of them being an exquisite art object, enriched by art inserts, photos, texts and strange items attached to the tape boxes and LP jackets."from Discogs
Great Italian early 80s electronic experimental /industrial. Many synths combined with noises and cacophony!Brilliant!

Leibstandarte SS MB [Maurizio Bianchi] - Weltanschauung (1982). Leibstandarte SS was a "side" project of Maurizio Bianchi.In 1981, William Bennett, head of the band Whitehouse and the British Come Org. label, offered Bianchi a record contract, which Bianchi signed unchecked. It was based on a "joke contract" that Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound had sketched. The contract assumed all rights to Bianchi's work. After delivery of the tapes Bennett edited-in speeches by Nazi leaders, and instead of the relatively unsensational name MB, it was published under the alias Leibstandarte SS MB, named after the SS unit that worked as bodyguards to Adolf Hitler! The music is harsh electronics sometimes touching the levels of noise. Together with the speeches mentioned create tthe ideal torture/horror soundtrack.Released through Come org in 500 copies and as bootleg in Japan in the 90s in 100 copies edition.

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