venerdì 1 febbraio 2013

Robertrocksampler vol. 3 1^ parte/2^ parte/3^ parte/4^ parte

Soft Machine


Slightly all the time
Moon in June


Kings and queens
Fletcher's blemish
Virtually part 1
Virtually part 2
Virtually part 3
Virtually part 4

Soft Machine at the BBC

Matching Mole

Matching Mole

O Caroline
Instant pussy
Signed curtain
Part of the dance
Instant kitten
Dedicated to Hugh, but you weren't listening
Beer as in braindeer
Immediate curtain

Matching Mole's Little red record

Starting in the middle of the day we can drink our politics away
Nan true's Hole
Righteous rhumba
Brandy as in benge
Gloria gloom
God song
Flora Fidgit

Robert Wyatt

The end of an ear

Las Vegas tango part 1 (repeat)
To Mark EEverywhere
To saintly Bridget
To Oz alien Daevyd and Gilly
To Nick everyone
To Caravan and brother Jim
To the old world (thank you for the use of your body, goodbye)
To Carla Marsha and Caroline (for making everything beautifuller)
Las Vegas tango - part 1

Rock bottom

Sea song
A last straw
Little red riding hood hit the road
Little red Robin Hood hit the road

Ruth is stranger than Richard

Soup song
Team spirit
Song for Che
Muddy mouse (a)
Solar flares
Muddy mouse (b)
5 black notes and 1 white note
Muddy mouse (c)/Muddy mouse

Robert Wyatt at the BBC

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