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Mutant Sounds reborn - The Italian posts of Mutant Sounds vol. 16 (Mr. Andrew/Nicola Frangione/N.O.R.M.A.)

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Mr. Andrew - Magic planet (1982). Excellent minimal synth meets space electronics project by Mr. Andrew,of Flo and Andrew fame.Released in 1982 through Base label.

Nicola Frangione - Mail music project (1983). In the spirit of the Mail Art movement of the 1980s comes the Mail Music project. Collecting 47 sound art samples sent in from around the world, Nicola Frangione compiles them together in a pastiche manner similar to the Distruct LP compiled by P16.D4. Each side is one continuous track and the individual sound submissions which are approximately 1 - 1.5 minutes long, overlap giving the impression of a collage work. This was a time when DIY was flourishing and the result is captured beautifully here. Only a few of the artists are well known: Maurizio Bianchi, Vitore Baroni, P16.D4, Masami Akita, Naif Orchestra. But don't let that put you off. This is one of the best compilations in the vein of whacked / experimental music to come out of the 1980s. In a numbered, limited edition of 1000, this LP is very hard to find today.
Thank you Dan for this gem!

N.O.R.M.A. - N.O.R.M.A. (1992). This Italian octet's impishly whimsy-fied approach fuses R.I.O.-lite stylizations to sting quartet, film score and circus-y maneuvers by way of CD DJ scramblification in a rather theatrical fashion that gives the whole a certain Downtown NY patina. Though there's a tendency to get a mite precious here and there (their opening gambit of covering Bernard Hermann's Psycho score a case in point), much of this is quite curious and rewarding in it's own discreetly arch fashion.

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